What Liquid Assets is and How it Can Help You

Did you know that the bar and beverage industry has higher inventory losses than the Banking, Manufacturing and Retail industries combined? This complex industry suffers common losses in inventory from 10 to 20 percent – sometimes reaching as high as 35 percent. In California alone the state tax officials have doubled the allowance amount for shrinkage in the beverage industry.

Bottom Line: The greater the shrinkage factor in your operation, the higher your costs and the lower your profits or return on investments are. Baron and James Liquid Assets is here to help you manage your inventory efficiently and effectively while maximizing profit. We work with you to increase your bottom line right down to the ounce of your liquid assets. We provide you with the software, tools and training to help you achieve your desired results and profits.

Our Goal: To make your operation a successful one and give you peace of mind.

Whether on a nightly weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, we keep your handle on the bar.

Our software is specifically designed for the bar and beverage industry and specializes in profit management and alcohol inventory control. We understand your time is an asset and that you need accurate information in a quick and timely fashion that is easy to understand. The system allows you to have total control of your operation and give you corrective strategies and ways to implement cost control methods and profit enhancement in an extremely cost effective way.

Our software is an affordable way of keeping track of your entire operation - from the liquor storage room to behind your bar - extremely fast and accurate on a nightly basis. Baron & James Liquid Assets holds your staff accountable for their individual pour cost and job performance making them part of the team, and helping you with your time management.

There are many causes for loss of liquor inventory or shrinkage – most of which you are probably very familiar with: over pouring, over portioning, improper drink pricing, improper cost calculation methods, waste, carelessness, mismanagement, improper purchasing and receiving procedures, dishonesty and theft. Let Baron and James Liquid Assets provide you with valuable time saving tools that help you manage variances and discrepancies, compare actual usage to what was actually sold - shown in ounces, dollar amounts and percentages. Reports can be generated on a nightly basis in a clear, accurate, and easy to understand format. Enjoy increased revenues, lower costs and increased profits.

We provide you with a step-by-step daily procedure that is extremely cost effective and time-saving to allow you to focus on your customers and service. We become your silent partner by allowing you to have total control and reap all the increased profits. Our software allows you to take control of your inventory problems and shrinkage in-house with no outside auditors.

If the system lowers your operations inventory shrinkage factor by just 5 percent, it really costs you no extra money out of pocket. With industry shrinkage of 10 to 35 percent and an average of 20 percent, that is a fraction of the cost of what is currently being over poured or given away over your bar.

For example: If your beverage operation does $8,000 per week in just liquor sales and has a 20% shrinkage factor, then that is $1600 per week not going in your pocket! When lowered to just 5%, we have helped save you $400 per week. You could look at it like saving $400 in Premium Vodka. Our monthly service is a fraction of what you will make back in savings. Our software pays for itself!