Mission Statement

Through our experiences and passion for the food & beverage industry over the past 25 years, we decided to organize
Baron & James Liquid Assets as a vehicle to share this expertise with others in the industry that require assistance in fine tuning their operation to bring it to the next level.

At Baron & James Liquid Assets our mission is to assist with the multiple facets and challenging tasks that are required for the functioning of a successful beverage operation in today’s challenging economy.

Our goal is to help control costs and enhance profits through the careful analysis of our client’s beverage operations. This is achieved by designing & implementing tried and true management programs and establishing procedures for managing all available resources. We will provide meaningful, accurate and useful information so that operating and control decisions can be evaluated and made.

By developing a set of standards specific to each individual operation and through comparative analysis by measuring actual results to these standards, we can achieve desired results and set levels of expected performance which lead to decreased costs and increased profits for our clients. Baron & James Liquid Assets provides its clients with real and specific information regarding the overall performance of their operation with accuracy, timeliness, consistency, objectivity, specificity and realism.

Our company will always strive for excellence for our clients and diligently adhere to the fundamental components of management: Planning, organizing, coordinating, staffing, directing, controlling and evaluating.